Thursday, July 18, 2013

Beautiful July on the farm!

I just love summer.  And all the work that goes along with it!  All the spring planning shows itself in the fields full of fresh veg!  And it's a time to play catch up and start paying all the bills that pile up during the slow off-season. We basically have half a year to pay for an entire year!  So it's go go go!  We took one day off and went to the beach thou.  Was beautiful and worth every second of relaxing!!

We have been irrigating in the evenings.  It went from too much rain to nothing in a short period of time. We have seeded fall beets and carrots now too, so we keep them moist to aid germination.
Our kale is doing well.  We grew this beautiful patch of darkibor curly and also have another patch of the Nero Di Toscana, the dino/black kale as well.  Alot of weeding, cultivating and weeding some more to get it to look this good!  
Sweet Onions galore!  This patch took a hell of a lot of work.  First of all they were very late being planted because of the challenging weather this spring.  Again, a lot of weeding and cultivation went into keeping this patch clean. We've let our onion patches 'go' before, where we just can't keep up with the weeds and the size of the bulbs is dramatically effected.  We've learned that this is essential to the bottom line of onion production! And we work hard and keep 'em clean!
We've got Swiss Chard, Basil as well coming fresh from the fields and CUCUMBERS TOO along with the onions and kale.... beets and carrots can wait until the fall.... 
Sassy little Eva Purple Balls are kickin' it in the greenhouses!  Growing nicely directly in the soil along side the last of the spring beets....
The Heirlooms are making themselves known at Evergreen's The Brickworks Farmers Market each Saturday now.  We surprised everyone with the first trickle of these amazing tasting tomatoes!  Enjoy these July crops everyone.... Soon will be romas, corn and peppers!