Wednesday, July 31, 2013


The crop is decent this year! We are able to sell in larger, bulk amounts so visit us at market if you want to make pickles! 

Cucumbers are tough to grow organically, but we've got lucky this year and no (knock on wood) powdery mildew issues so far! The crop is just kicking out cucs!! Tis the season to pickle cucumbers and make relish!! Really missing Ben's mom's fresh brined pickles and her cucumber salad :(  
We are harvesting Broccoli this week, lots of Sweet Onions, Kale and lots more! First and second weeks in August we'll start with the Sweet Corn and Roma's. All is very busy on the farm :)
I got a text from Ben this morning that said: "Kraut Avocado hot sauce coffee". Lol. This is Ben asking for his breakfast on the fly. He is working so hard and after 4 hours of sleep last night was almost home to the farm by 9am after doing another early morning veg delivery to Toronto. Ben wears himself down this time of year with long hours and less sleep, so his diet HAS to be top notch. So not only are we constantly eating our raw sauerkraut, but healthy fats and smoothies loaded with our Kale! I pack 9 or more ingredients into our daily smoothies just chalk full of vitamins and nutrients.  Eating right makes you feel awesome :)  And we are going to need a lot of energy to keep up with little miss Sadie munchkin ;)

The sweetest, most quiet, smiley little soul ever! Her little cap was a gift from the Dufferin market and its our favourite! Man, we love this kid!! She'll be raised to know how hard daddy works to support her and how much he loves her. And she's going to eat well. Very well. She is now- 100% exclusively breast fed and getting ready to experience her first solids in just under 2 months!