Thursday, June 18, 2015

June Field Report

Man oh man, did we get a lot of rain!  We did need it, so despite the fact that we couldn't finish planting for two weeks - we didn't have to irrigate!
But the crops are really starting to fire up!  Lettuce and zucchini are going strong now.  We have copious amount of the 'Patty Pan' summer squash. And stay tuned for squash blossoms and recipes!
The lettuces are once again awesome.  Huge crisp, sweet Romaines.  A new variety we love this year. The big frilly Red Leaf heads, the soft Butterheads in red only.  Everyone loves the red oak-stained
Butterheads! Oodles of smaller Mini lettuces too.  Then we are going through and picking some baby Kale, Chard and the spinach too....
We've also planted a NEW big patch of strawberries! So 2016 will be another berry year around here for us!
It's a bit of work, as you plant the new strawberries, then have to make sure they get lots of water and root down nice, then pull blossoms.....then straw...but so worth it eh?!
Some failures to report:  some mega sand storm wind damage to some of our tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.  The poor peppers got hit hard. We'll still have some, but not in the amounts we were hoping for.  
Enjoy the last of the the comes summer!