Monday, June 1, 2015

Taking orders for ORGANIC PICKLING CUCS!

Just like we do with Romas (and I will blog about those too in a couple weeks!) I'll be taking orders for bulk organic cucumbers this year. Ben and I try to do a good job with these fantastic cucs each year but they are so susceptible to mildew, the weather has to be hot and dry (like a tomato year) and we can offer them.  We've planted a lot...  So here's hoping for a great 2015 crop!
If you are interested in a bulk order, shoot me an email to jb@sosnickiorganics.  I will put you on our mailing list and keep you updated regarding 1st harvest (will be early July if all goes well) and price as the season progresses. If you have an idea of how many lbs you need and what size of cucumber you want, I can send you a quote.   All orders can be picked up at Dufferin Grove farmers market on Thursday afternoons or at Evergreen Brickworks Market on Saturday mornings. 
Email me your favourite recipe to and the ones I choose I will share on the blog and I'll make sure you receive a free pickle/dill pack!  It's nice to inspire others to preserve and create something yummy to be enjoyed all year long! 
My dad grew a lot of cucumbers during my childhood.  I have many, many memories about summers and cucumbers growing up.  Mom and dad made us work, so I remember not always liking them. Our cucumber picker had 'wings'.  And before dad upgraded to a conveyor system, he stacked bushels.  He shipped to the local Bicks pickle station at the end of our road that has been gone for years now.