Sunday, June 29, 2008

Barn kittens anyone?

(This post is specifically for my stepdaughter today...)

We have a mother cat that is not friendly. She is elusive, I don't know where she came from. I've never pet her once. We even caught her once, took her to a neighbours farm that needed cats for his cow barn - she came back home. She has produced a lot of 'mousers' - infact way too many mousers for this farm!! The majority of all of them orange. Well, we all knew she had had another batch, but never could find them, until Thursday! I was grading beets, looked over in the corner of the barn by the big straw bails and saw little kittens playing in a basket! Ben and I caught them all by Saturday (4 in total) and brought them in the house to 'calm them down'. The last thing I want is more wild cats on the farm! Anyhow, last night they all got out of their cage, were howling all over the house and all day today I could not find them. Well, I kid you not, while I was doing my 3 previous blogs regarding 'crop progress' I heard a little sneeze. All 4 of them are 'crammed' inbetween my computer desk and the wall! What a sight! I was soo scared they got into the heating ducts! There is only ONE orange this time! The rest are beautiful greys! So more fun with little kittens once again! Any takers? Free to only the best of homes!