Saturday, June 7, 2008

Our Heirloom Tomatoes and Perogies mentioned in Toronto Life Mag!!

On the way home from the Brickworks and Withrow Park farmer's markets today, Ben and I stopped at a 24 hour big chain grocery store. We like to see what they are selling, what it looks like and for how much. Let me just say I just shook my head yet again. We have a vast field of gorgeous certified organic lettuces now and this store is selling smaller, conventional heads imported from the good ol' USA for almost the same price as we sell at our farm markets. Wandering around I notice the magazine rack. On it I spy 'Toronto Life' and take a peak once I read the cover. I made this purchase. I remember my meeting with the writter Chris Nuttall-Smith this past March at a local event where I was selling my perogies. It was a wonderful article and just neat to read about all our fellow vendors/friends titled "Get Fresh'. Not to mention my favourite part: "Black Krim Tomatoes - Ben and Jessie Sosnicki, the husband and wife team behind Norfolk County's Sosnicki Organic Produce, plan to sell more that 80 different varieties of heirloom tomatoes this summer and fall, but few of them are quite as coveted as the Black Krim. The tomatoes have dark green mottled tops that give way to dark, almost purplish skin; inside they range from dusty pink to crimson and even black (almost nothing looks better sliced up on a plate). But their taste is their finest attribute by far; it's dense and intense, with a hint of smoke, a touch of natural saltiness and just enough acid - but not too much - to balance all that flavour out. $2-$3 a pound, August to first frost, Sosnicki Organics, Riverdale, Dufferin Grove, Sorauren Park." - Chris Nuttall-Smith. Plus the article includes a pullout - the 2008 guide to farmer's markets called "So Good It Must Be Local" with a neat picture of my perogies along with soo many other beautiful foods from vendors we know well from EATING all their good stuff! Times are a changin' and I can't even express how I felt to be back at market selling our lettuce today to all the familiar faces, our customers, the folks that truly care about who took the time to grow the food they eat! It's also writters like Chris that bring attention to what we do, so for that I am very thankful.