Sunday, June 22, 2008

Strawberries, Garlic Scapes & Peas!

Going to cram a few blogs into one this morn. First is a warm 'welcome' to our new workers Domingo & Miguel, brothers from Mexico. This is their first time in Canada, and now begins the process of learning Spanish for us, English for them! It is strawberry season! They seems to be lacking flavour this year, I think from little sun and cooler temps. No, we do not have our own strawberries YET, instead the last two days we have been planting our own! I'm sharing a picture of Domingo and Miguel planting them out! It is a bit late in the year to be putting the plants in, but with all the moisture, they will establish themselves and be just fine. I've got my new strawberry patch placed in between some heirloom tomatoes and carrots, so if we have a dry summer, all will get a drink! So next year Sosnicki's will bring on their own berries finally!

We are selling Peas this coming week (anyone noticed the write up in the Toronto Star last week about Ben's peas?? Our market tables got swarmed with folks looking for the Peas! Sold out in a flash, lots coming!) also more Garlic Scapes that people love! (spring onions, lettuce, beets, swiss chard, kale, spinach too also available this coming week at market!) My stepdaughter and I were laughing after market yesterday, as soo many folks at market ask about the scapes: "What do I do with them? How do I cook them?" And after a while of constantly repeating the same answers, we felt like 'Bubba' from 'Forest Gump' and his 'shrimp'. Only we're saying: "Scape Soup, Sauteed Scapes, Boiled Scapes, Scapes salad...." LOLOLOLOL! Anyhow, I've shared a pic and a very simple recipe using both the garlic scapes and our fresh sugar snap peas!

Sauteed Scapes & Peas - use about 20 scapes and 1 quart of sugar snap peas (edible pod type - we grow all three kinds, flat snow type would work too) Use a heavy bottom fry pan, generous amount of olive oil and a dollop of butter. Nip the pod off each scape, leave long and curly! Simply sautee in the olive oil and butter until rendered down and soft - but not brown and mushy! Don't over do it! Simply add your peas and continue cooking until peas soften! Add some salt and pepper and enjoy! I'm sharing a picture, this is a perfect side for any meal OR toss with pasta!

Also, here is a quick pic of one of our new pigs! They are eatting well and enjoying life on our farm! We have one little elusive pig that can squeeze through the pen! It is soo funny, as when I come into the barn, he stops moving, looks at me then races to get back into the pen with the others! Hilarious!