Friday, November 27, 2009

Facebook can be great for business!!

I am absolutely enjoying the use of Facebook! Not only for personal use to keep tabs on family and friends, but for our farm business by the creation of the public page: "SOSNICKI ORGANIC PRODUCE". I've been on facebook for years but just recently 'opened it up' by becoming visible for everyone to find me, view my friends etc. This lead to the quick creation of our farm fan page and what a riot! Within a few short weeks it is obvious of it's success and we've got dozens of familiar faces becoming 'fans' of our business! I've witnessed the media giving facebook a pounding on occasion by casting fear towards the use of it which I feel is very unnecessary. Unless you are creepy or conniving it is a great tool for your personal life AND your business! With so many privacy features you can manipulate it as you wish. A LOT of teens have family and parents as 'friends' but can totally hide anything they wish be it pictures or conversations. Now, I can completely understand why teens do this! lololol!! We personally don't bother with all that and leave our facebook account pretty much wide open with no worry about what anyone will see or read! I'm a woman of integrity with no worry how my online publishing's could ever haunt or hurt me down the road. I take great pride in 'googling' my own name and the name of our farm on occasion to hear what folks are saying about us and it is uplifting to say the least! It is very powerful to type your business name, hit enter and instead of your own ramblings about how incredible your business is - OTHERS are doing it for you!! People power. I love this blog and cherish every post and picture but sometimes it almost seems as if I'm writing to hear myself - until I'm met with a customer with compliments! But I need others to hear from others too! On a monthly basis a link to this blog is sent to the market manager to be sent out in the newsletter reaching 500+ people, but there is room to reach more faster and be able to interact! Facebook fan page is much more instant and interactive! With so many people now on board it's become an essential tool for us to connect with potential customers along with keeping existing customers up to date. And because I am a technology junkie my iPhone comes in handy to create quick posts with pictures and to keep things up to date! (An organic farmer with an iPhone? Damn right with no guilt! I quit smoking Nov. 2007 and you'd be surprised how much money you save and what you can afford when you quit that sick habit!!) Your business is more likely to gain customers if they can see and hear from other customers - via facebook aka 'fans'!!! And let me tell you, when you have your east end customers traveling all the way over to the west end to 'find you' during the winter months - you're doing something right! That is the power of our product, our awesome veg, but I'd still like to think that my work online has a bit to do with it too! ;)