Saturday, November 7, 2009

Prince Charles checking out our vegetables!!

Beautiful day at Evergreen's Brickworks this past Friday. The 'hush hush' event involved a handful of vendors from the Brickworks Farmers' Market (now officially over for the season) to join together to showcase our products for Prince Charles and other importants. Chef Jamie Kennedy catered the event along with greeting HRH and lead him around for the meet and greet. No one really had any idea what to expect. For all we knew he was just going to wave at all of us and take off. To our surprise he took the time to engage with almost all the vendors present. Ben and I were greeted with a firm handshake as he examined our produce shelf and asked us if we grew all of it! Proudly stating so, Ben then went on to tell him that we've been farming organically since 2001 and HRH was quick to see we were certified too! We spoke briefly about celeriac, then he asked us if we had any trouble with potato blight this year. I told him no and I remember my little moment with the Prince as he said in his rich British accent: "Well you have to just cut the tops right off" and I grinned and almost shouted "That exactly what we did!" and we laughed and he shook his head and said: "It's always something or other when growing". A very neat experience to say the least! The rest of the time we enjoyed mingling drinking wine and eating tasty treats compliments of Jamie Kennedy's crew and met and took pics with others like Jim Flaherty the Finance Minister of Canada! A huge thanks to my sister Jennie for taking all these pictures and capturing the moment for us!!