Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Our strawberry patch is nestled in between a beautiful crop of our spelt wheat.  Snakes, mice & our cats are having a lot of fun out there! Our first pick was Tuesday, June 8th this year.  The crop is bountiful! We have two varieties, an early and later variety.  Generally early berries are not super sweet, so don't worry if your first savor of the year doesn't prove to be the 'sweetest'.  With heat that June should throw, berries sweeten up later on in the month.  Ben and I have our berries picked into our white 3 litre baskets, then we grade them into the green quarts you see at market. (Quality control you see!)  We've bought our own boxes/flats this year to re-use and re-use again! They then head into our cold storage the day before market to stay 'cold' before the trip to the city!  We've ordered 20,000 more plants for this year, so another patch will go in (**another new variety we want to try for 2011!) as generally when a patch reaches two years, it begins to die off and not produce.  Enjoy the harvest! Kera our Wychwood helper is heading to the farm with her 'food machines' - a turbo blender to make smoothies and an ice cream maker! I will make the daquiris!!   Ben and I are currently enjoying blended Strawberries, Avocado and a bit of Bee's Universe Honey for breakfast!  I will be freezing a ton of these guys to enjoy come winter as part of my new 'preserve the seasons' weekly task.