Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer So Far...Sooooo Good!

Well, freakishly we've got enough rain we have not had to irrigate at all!  So much for the 'hot n' dry' theory -so far.  Pipes laid and connected, then disconnected and moved around so we could cultivate.  Each and every time the damn dames with their suits, hair & lipstick come on in front of a green screen on the weather network and start in with 'tornado warnings' and show pictures and video of 'hail' in neighboring county's with a sort of gleam in their eyes (like their job all of a sudden got exciting) make me obviously stressed and want to slap them sideways.  The majority of the time they are very, very wrong and don't know much unless it's pissing on their heads and for this forecast I can get myself on my iPhone via a nifty radar!! Despite the stupidity of some suits, this summer so far is great for the crops!  We've used an approved pesticide called 'Entrust' to finally help out with the Colorado Potato Beetle that has always wreaked havoc on spuds, tomatoes and whipped out our eggplants each year.  Each rain day gives me ample opportunity to work in the 'covered fields' on my awesome heirloom tomato crop.  Broccoli seems to have begun and soon to end....the heat has made this crop very crappy, so enjoy it and look to the fall for decent, heavy heads of this crop.  Onions thriving, cucs coming along.  Peas are excellent and sweet, Green Beans are in blossom.  Sweet corn is well over a foot tall, cultivated and will be available in August. Pepper plants are great looking.  I feel a pepper year too coming on!  Last pick of strawberries is this week.  Watermelons growing, soy beans are being cultivated and doing great!  Storage cabbage, squash and a later crop of cucs are being field transplanted this week which will empty greenhouse #2 finally. Beets, beautiful big beets are plentiful!  Kale's thriving and the last of the lettuce will come off this week!  We failed to get pigs this year, just completely ran out of time this year.  BUT I have baby 'meat' bunnies that have been born! Har, har, good luck with this one I tell myself! They are pretty cute.  Ben has told recent company that this is a 'retirement' farm for animals.   We'll need a good year this year and the next two to try to catch up financially because of the last two crappers. Like I've said 'so far, so good'.  However, I always feel pretty rich and happy about what we do pulling the market truck down the drive to the barn after a long market day....job well done, happy customers, good food delivered, awesome daily emails full of compliments for what we do! Thanks... :)