Sunday, June 20, 2010

Farmin' Father's Day!

There is just something special and irreplaceable between daddies and daughters! Especially so if your dad is a farmer.  There is something very nurturing about seeding, caring for and harvesting crops that makes these types of dads some of the world's best.  "Down to Earth" perhaps?  Though I didn't bother asking dad for money when I was young, (as I got the longest speech about the current price of corn and beans or his famous line: "You've got two hands and a brain - go make some yourself!") he would pull a few surprises and give me $50 before a school trip or when I didn't ask...  He made me work hard, taught me all about integrity and respect.  I listened to my dad (until I was about 15), then he backed off as I got older and let me grow and learn about life for myself.  There were times and are still times to this day when I don't often talk to him....but I know that I can call him anytime (on his cell, as he's likely to be in the field) and he would always be there for me!  You can never cut ties between a daddy & daughter. For my dad and I, it's less sappy, less dramatic and less touchy vs the mother/daughter relationship - but just as powerful!  A lot is said by saying absolutely nothing at all.  A quick 'hi' and a grin and you just know how much your loved! I can't imagine life without dad - it would be a very lonely place and I don't think I'd be half the woman I am today without my dads love and support! Hell, I wouldn't be farming today if it wasn't for his influence either!! Happy Father's Day to all Papas! ***And Smash, if you can't make it over to the farm for Father's Day, daddy totally understands, no worries - he loves you turd!!  ; )  *****