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May progress in pictures.......

Available at markets during May 2009..... Greenhouse lettuces, asian greens, radish & beautiful heirloom tomato plants! No time to blog regularly!!


The greenhouse greens took a mighty hold!!!! Heat, moisture, perhaps they reached the compost underneath, well, whatever - BOOM, here we go with our mighty first #3 greenhouse harvest!! Next week the markets will get a plentiful blast of early head lettuce and asian greens, and the week after that. I know by the last week in May the Asian wonders will be finished and we'll still have some lettuce. THEN we'll hit the field bounty. Naturally Ben and I are both saying "We need to plant more" as customers just gobble this stuff up hard and fast...we're working on it.....All these pictures taken TODAY, just less than an hour ago!!

My Good Mother....

My mother is a good one. Much to her dismay I'm sure, I have taken what she taught me and turned it into a full-fledged business with Ben. -- I gave her end-all grief about farming and the entire lifestyle growing up. I disliked working in the fields, picking cucs, grading out cucs, hoeing onions, snapping beans, canning veggies, etc,etc growing up. It was like pulling teeth, but she made me do it. My mother sent me to school with a lunch pail full of: homemade bread with homemade peanut butter -(she would go to the local health food store, buy peanuts to grind, 'cause store peanut butter had lots of sugar and other crap in it) dried fruit, (she loved her dehydrator, so we had lots of mason jars adoring the kitchen loaded with peaches, pears, apples) , a thermos of juice, (commercial "drinking boxes" were crappy and too full of sugar) so my siblings and I got homemade grape juice or 'rendered down' concentrate to calm the sugar content. My mother gave a d