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2013's Spring has sprung at Sosnicki's!

We've been busy trimming cabbage for the most part of early 2013, but we've now hit the greenhouses and full speed a head! Crops just sprouting and growing beautifully! We've decided to heat 1/4 of the big middle glass beast this year, instead of a whole half.  We started two weeks earlier, so to save on heat costs, less is best. We filled it up fast!  Now we are pushing cooler crops (onions, chard, kale, spinach seedlings) to the back half to make room in the warmer section for the seeding of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants etc, etc.  Below is some early mesclun mix we will be transplanting in cut sections to our other greenhouse - aka 'covered field' area.  Some early salad mix on it's way!  We've got a jump start on a lot of everyone's favourite: Kale!  Kale will be a biggie for us this year as we hope to really offer a lot of big bunches at a fair price. Everyone, and I mean everyone can enjoy a lot of kale this year! To your health!  Below, our baby