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A dry, dry year BUT we are doing ok!

Well, our crops are doing quite well I must say.  Our strawberries were excellent. Our peas, zucchini and lettuces also did decent.  Now we are onto cucumbers and tomatoes as the big(er) crops and smaller item stuff like onions, potatoes and soon to come sweet corn and our colourful carrots and beets!  Growing a way is our cauliflower and cabbages, which look nice so far. We will also be busy harvesting our garlic shortly - but then entire crop is going for seed this year. Yes, it is dry.  But for us, this is not a total tragedy. And I'll share why. Our tomatoes on drip irrigation Heirloom, artisan, cherry, grape, beefsteak and roma from the fields this year. We have 25 acres of market vegetables to care for. We can quickly and efficiently irrigate this amount of food.  By using the drip method and mulch our peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes are thriving. Because of the heat and dryness there is little to no disease we are encountering thus far. Even insects are not tha