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We won't Farm without Mexicans! Our story....

On a hot summer day in 2011 on our farm, one of our Mexican men, named Domingo collapsed.  When the paramedics arrived he was experiencing some major seizure activity. He was taken to a local hospital and later that day transported to a larger hospital in Burlington for care.  He saw many different doctors, underwent many tests and once diagnosed (for an ailment he sadly brought with him from Mexico) was treated and I am happy to report he is now doing fine. It was a terribly scary ordeal. As Domingo's employer, I worked closely with the local Mexcian Alliance, The Mexican Consulate in Toronto to ensure Domingo was treated fairly and received after care and any medications he needed to make a full recovery. He spent 13 days in the hospital and I made sure RBC paid him a sum of around $1200 for missed wages and additionally covered the cost of his medications (considering he is required to contribute $3.36 per week into an insurance policy).  Domingo has an Ontario health card and i

Sauerkraut is Ready - Finally!

So long overdue, our kraut is hitting the markets! Can I say sorry for taking so long? We've been cra-zy busy with cabbage storage and when it's just Ben, his mom and I- time is pinched! So now I have all the offerings I am proud of at a winter market! Our winter veg and an array of specialty foods! The sauerkraut is a super, super food! The only ingredients are our organic cabbages and unrefined mineral rich sea salt. After a couple weeks she ferments down nicely and because of the natural chemistry of cabbage - a super food is born! This stuff boasts beneficial bacteria, Vitamins C & K, Awesome minerals (besides those in the sea salt too!) and nutrients like potassium, magnesium and calcium. Excellent for your guts because of the bacteria! Put down the 'shake your belly' plastic yogurt and have a daily tablespoon of raw, unpasteurized sauerkraut instead!! Enjoy! I just have to mention today marks our 10th Wedding Anniversary. We've been together now for