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Lazy days of summer?...early treat...

My inspiration to blog is around me each and every day - but.... to find the time....This heat is different, hope she keeps going truthfully.  I want tomatoes and peppers this year! Ahh, the first field harvests. Lettuces;  huge heads of deep green romaine, large and fluffy red & green leaf, soft and melty green bostons and 'Sangria' reds.  Each day for lunch Ben and I whip up a new salad creation to savor.  A fav around here is certainly homemade ceasar with big chunks of real bacon and a dressing with enough garlic to kill what ails you! But a simple green and red leaf mixed, or boston/butterhead with a light olive and balsamic with our radishes beats the heat and keeps the stove off other days.  Stir frys with Quinoa and our fresh field bok choy and tatsoi with a newly aquired taste for 'miso' (a fermented soybean flavouring) and buckwheat noodles (inspirations from our farm friend Kera) are other new digs we are enjoying sampling.  Along with early field harve