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Crops today.......

Just went out today after supper and snapped our one east field. This one labeled '102' according to my Pro-Cert recordings!! It's been a while since I've shown progress. Here she be!! More rain today, not like north east of here, so I am not complaining. I am all about 'heirlooms' right now. It's hard for me to concentrate on anything but! We've planted my heirlooms in long, long rows away from each other. I've got beets, carrots, dill, beans and even our strawberry patch inbetween all 80 different varieties of heirlooms! New beets are a week away from sale (for big ones), our carrots are small, so for later, dill is moving now, beans probably next week....I have to blog about our 'leeks' shortly. BEAUTIFUL crop for fall! Anyhow, some tomato pics. The green creepy ones are called 'Tlacolula'. They remind me of tarantula spider! Blood red too when ripe!! We are officially harvesting slicing tomatoes we go! And

My stepdaughter's pictures......

Here are some shots of the farm on a typical Sunday taken by my stepdaughter. This time of year, Sunday's are just like any other day. We get to relax a bit more, but by relaxing usually means 'animal care' , (like barn cleaning, and this past Sunday, hay storage) which if your like me and love your animals - feels really great to do! I relax great after knowing the barns are clean and the animals are happy. We are soooo busy with vegetables during the entire week, animals get fed, but everything else waits until Sunday!! We are very fortunate that our neighbour lets us rent their "load-all" for unloading hay and barn cleaning! Very handy! We've put enough hay away this past Sunday for our horse all winter. My stepdaughter is just a great kid! Imagine you're a typical young teen coming to dads for your weekend visit. You arrive on Friday, have to be in bed by 8pm, your stepmother drags your butt out of bed by 4am and you head to Toronto to start s

Country Kitchen....

I took this picture on Sunday after I picked it all fresh and brought it in for a big feast! We had company for supper (Erwin & Ana, long time friends of ours..) and it was soo nice to make a big meal from our field and share with some great folks! YES, some heirloom tomatoes are ready! Not many, so I won't be picking for markets until next week. They look like candy in a bowl! One new exciting one is called "thai pink egg" and they look like large pink pearls! Cucumbers are in full force, same with sweet onions and lots of new potatoes! I made a huge batch of cucumber salad, that Ben and I are still eating and will finish tomorrow! The pickling cucs make the best salad. Those slicing cucs have huge seeds and no flavour compared to the dills. It is simple folks: wash, peel and slice as many pickling cucs you desire. Create a salt brine. (water and salt, mix. Make it very salty to taste...) add your cucs and refrigerate. Should be overnight, but a few hours or

Animal Farm.......

It's a great feeling to have a group of animals just hang around you all day as you work! Two pigs are 'free' (they can squeeze through the pen, so they are loose when they want to be!) and they have become quite a sight around here! Named 'Wilber' and 'Mr. Spots', they have made good friends with Lady Bug the horse and constantly make me laugh! They are very interested in the grading barn, where we are, in rooting around in mud or completely shredding and lifting up grass and man, can they run!! It's nice for Bug to have a grazing buddy or two. Everyone is free-range around here! The horse gets into the oat field on a daily basis and quickly bolts when she sees me coming... I seriously think that these two free pigs may not make it to the fry pan. I'm starting to like them way, way too much. I will even admit that I put sunscreen on Wilber. This made my mother in law laugh pretty hard! ....Baby ducks running about. I love this picture..the mothe

Available at markets this week - July 7th - July 12th......

NEW POTATOES are here! Well, for those that shop Dufferin and Brickworks, they got a first taste last week if they were early shoppers! White potatoes, variety name 'Superior'. (and they are!) Next week we'll start with some Red Norlands and later lots of Yukon Golds! There is something about the new potatoes. That melt in your mouth flavour. Don't bother with any fancy recipe for these newbie spuds. Simply boil until soft (doesn't take long with the fresh small ones!) and simply toss with butter, dill and a dash of salt and pepper and savour each bite! Also this week, white Spanish Onions with tops. These gems are still small, but we planted lots, so we've decided to start harvest early! Tops can be used no problem as 'green onions', still tender enough I find. Use the sweetish bulb for salads, sandwiches or in any recipe calling for a raw onion! Not alot of flavour when cooked, cooking onions will be available from us later in the seaon.... Bro

Fried Green (Heirloom) Tomatoes

From anyone that knows me, or has been following this blog, they will understand my anticipation for my heirloom tomatoes! My mother in law is joining in the heirloom parade and is now 'hoeing' my vast patch of 80 different tomato varieties! We do have substaintial bug damage, but that is the way with organics and THAT is WHY we planted lots!! There are a couple varieties that are gone, totally eaten by potato beetles, but there are 80, so I guess we can figure 78 now? LOLOLOL - *choke* Ben says it best: "Let nature run it's course, we've got lots of good strong plants". I'm kicking the plants with my boots and seriously thinking about paying a labour force for pick them off with me. Thinking about a 'vacuum' sucker or a fan, something to do the trick..... Anyhow, sometimes I have to take Ben's advice, so today I am. I've taken off my steel toe boots, am not kicking plants and am going to relax! With that in mind, a recipe t