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Spring at Sosnicki's!!

This is the type of dream weather you hope to have to get your seeds sprouting! Gorgeous full sun, higher evening temps -  stuff in the greenhouses are just thriving! My heirloom tomatoes are rooting down, growing dark green and loving the heat in the houses! Onions and lettuce are up and going too! (they actually prefer it a bit cooler!!) Our first broccoli plants are up, same with baby kale, and Asian greens such as Tatsoi and Bok Choy pop and grow very fast!  Some of these plantings will be for our 'covered fields', others will venture out into the field but also be covered this year.  Amaranthus, Sweet Peas, Petunias, Summer Thyme, Millet, Tomatillos & Snap Dragons just to name a few other varieties of fun stuff we've got started around here too!  Pepper seeds are swelling and germinating loving this heat!  Peppers love the heat like tomatoes! Our radish and green garlic have sprouted in greenhouse #3, a pic included of Ben watering those crops! Enough blabbing

About Our Heirloom Tomatoes (part. 1)

Time to showcase a few varieties of heirloom tomatoes!  It will be a neat way to learn about some of the different kinds we grow, what they look like, how they taste, where some of them came from before they get to market! A teaser for those that cannot wait for local vine ripened organic old fashioned real tasting tomatoes!! The early ones have now been transplanted into larger pots for individual thriving growth! The neat thing about these tomatoes is that even the foliage of the plants differs from variety to variety!  Some with potato leaves, some stocky, some bright green, some almost a greyish colour (Pink Zapotec).   Some new ones we are excited about are " Azoychka ".  This heirloom is orangy yellow, delicious and rare! ' Tobolsk ' is 100 years old "originally from the Urals near the city of Tobolsk, Russia - Sweet, Rare & Precious" says Gary Ibsen, the man I look to for neat and new varieties ( I cannot wait for this one!