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"When can we go back to Mexico?"

My guys are pretty homesick and ready to fly back to Mexico! Not yet guys, but soon! Harvest continues! We should be starting winter cabbage harvest by next week. Our potato crop is outstanding! We will have plenty of our own this winter for all markets and my perogies! We have lots to harvest yet..... In the pic our men are getting fresh celeriac ready for market by cutting the roots off and washing them. We will have a good supply of celeriac for winter markets. Our leeks pale in comparison to last years crop! We just planted them too late, so they are small. We should have lots to store as well, but very labour intense washing and messing around with the tiny things! Flavour is excellent, so well worth it! Gotta get my share of leek and potato soup! (esp. with some fresh baccon, as my pigs go to the butcher in a few weeks!) And Brussel Sprouts! YUM! These are soo fresh, tastey and good for you! We will have them available in a few weeks at all markets!

Seasonal Recipes........

Great fall harvest so far! We are busily working getting all potatoes in the barn (a little behind with this task), pulling up two patches of beets, twisting off tops and getting ready for storage...Here are some great recipes Ben and I are enjoying: Celeriac & Apple Slaw: 1 bulb Sosnicki's CELERIAC 1/2 head Sosnicki's CABBAGE 3-4 Sosnicki's 'ugly but sweet' APPLES Shred each vegetable and toss together. (I use a cheese grater for the apples and celeriac and then just thinly slice the half head of cabbage with a long knife). Toss with 1 tbs HONEY, 1 tbs OLIVE OIL, 1/2 tbs natural SEA SALT and atleast 1 tbs PEPPER. You can add a dollop or two of sour cream or mayo, but I like it without! Really yummy and great served with a pork dinner! Fall Pork Soup: 2 lbs Pork Soup Bones; 1 medium Sosnicki's Cooking Onions; 1/2 bunch Sosnicki's Parsley. Cover your pork bones with water and add onions and parsley. Render down for a good hour. Remove bones, strain bro