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Fix it!

Ah, the perils of keeping old structures alive. These greenhouses of ours are certainly relics, but suit our needs just fine! We finally have a bit of time to really spend the time/money to fix them properly.  Feels great to vamp them up a bit! Decades ago,these houses were recycled from a site hours away and brought to this farm and set up by Bens dad to house seedling transplants. They are certainly standing the test of time. Tin needs to be replaced, sidewalls, glass replaced etc etc etc. But once it's fixed, cleaned, fired up and the greens begin to grow - life is wonderful! Our entire season begins with these gracious old houses, and we feel humbled to keep them going. No doubt we will add new greenhouses to the farm one day - but not to replace these guys! I intend on keeping these glass relics for a very long time!