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What to expect during the coming weeks from our farm!

The fall harvest started out awesome and ended up pretty crappy.  Just with cabbage and cauliflower thou, all carrots, onions, potatoes are great!  Cabbage is a main storage wholesale crop, so that failure will be felt, but we will weather the storm.  We always do.  The cauliflowers are little baby mini's.  And they. are. cute. !!!  Making the most of it.  The baby romanesca's hold a nice green colour when steamed and an amazing light nutty flavor.  My kids are gobbling them up when cooked and tossed with butter.  And some small white cauli's too.  Only available for the next couple of weeks. Then cold weather and possible snow will shut down harvest. Our cabbage will still be available all winter long at Evergreen Brickworks market and at select retailers like The Big Carrot We have a new home at Evergreen Brickworks!  We are located in the Welcome Center, the middle room of the site.  Tucked away in a warm corner you will find our farm this winter. We will be