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I love Siberia.

You live in Canada.  It's cold and snowy in the winter. Suck it up.  If I have one more person whine to me about the cold temps I'm going to pile drive their face into one of the many snow piles here on the farm. It's annoying that I can't fire the greenhouse because it's -25 at night. Burning that kind of oil is just not wise. So we wait.  In the meantime I grow a bit under grow lights indoors. The truth is that I have been stressing out as I LOVE an early jump start on the season.   The edge on early veg, but this year it's just at a standstill.  Our bottom line is dependant on these crops and seeding on time is important.  So ok, it you make your living by the weather like I do you can whine to me about this Siberian weather! I am once again trying to be calm and smile like Ben. He's the dude. He drove by me while I was in the office with the whole greenhouse furnace on the forks of the tractor. He was just grinning. He knew I would freak out that he

Skinny Borscht

It’s almost a crime to make this recipe and not add the ham bone/pork hock but I’m going vegan and skinny here. I can add flavor to almost fool Ben (yet he still stirs around looking for the meat). We just eat a lot of meat to begin with, so anywhere I can skimp – I’m going to!  Time for more veggies.  This is a soup you can totally pig out on and not feel guilty.  I am working my butt off to lose weight these days and I know that I need a caloric deficit at the end of the day and with the amount of physical activity I can get in these days, a veggie soup is most welcome! Alas, I am not one of those mothers with young children that can afford to go and blow 20K on the surgical removal of belly flab and tightening me up (don’t get me started).  A nice kick in the ass feels amazing to get moving hard every. single. day. Right Tanya Fraser ? Ha. I’m finding new muscles every day I didn’t know existed with some really cool strength training! When you own a farm you don’t need a gym.  Ply