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Contemplating the new 2020 season!

I cleaned off my greenhouse desk today and went through old seeds. Set up Ben's chair, where he likes to sit beside me as we plan out what to plant and when.  Or have a cold drink while we bask in the sun (coming soon - a bit cold in there right now!). It's an exciting time of year where we reflect on the previous season and shake things up and always try new things! I will have a lot of time to concentrate on the fields and our own farm this spring - as I am not growing wholesale plants for Evergreen Garden Market this year.  Not that I didn't love doing it - it's just not profitable enough when I have to hire extra hands while I'm raising small babes.  Whole other story when you can do most everything yourself.  So until my kids are older, we won't have our plants there.  As soon as we are able - we WILL bring plants to the farmers markets!! Retail sales are always best for small farms like ours anyways. Another year or two yet for this glass beast until w

2020 - Wow!

...ah yes.  I've had 4 kids and we are farming more land!!  So I didn't blog once during 2019.  But I'm always on Instagram!  So easy to snap a pic, write and post quick. So you can follow our adventures there. We have a lot going on!  We are farming just under 100 acres now, all certified organic. We continue to do the value add foods, which I am just wrapping up now. (The perogies, cabbage rolls and sauerkraut - available for the next two months or so at our two farmers markets and thru Mama Earth Organics) Our first seedlings are up! We have created a new growing area in our barn that is so nice and heat efficient compared to the old glass beasts! (Yes, we still use them - but their days are numbered). We are at two Saturday markets (Brickworks and Wychwood) but you can also find our storage cabbages at The Big Carrot and Mama Earth Organics. And Mike & Mike's Organics have been sending their truck down weekly to nab the cabbages too - which are selling out fa