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**HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Sosnicki Organics!!**

What a year! It went fast and I can honestly say I am not too sad to see it almost over! I have fingers crossed for a REAL summer 2010! (heat? Sun?!) A goal of mine was to have heirloom tomatoes for Xmas and we did it!! Just a trial run, so full speed a head for next year!! All our Dufferin customers on Thursday can expect to enjoy some RIPE HEIRLOOMS! We will also have our VEGETARIAN CABBAGE ROLLS along with our perogies of course for quick holiday meals. Vegetables available from us for the Christmas markets will be Brussel Spouts (harvested this Tuesday morn.) , Celery, Carrots, Celeriac, Potatoes, Onions, Beets & Cabbage. We've celebrated some milestones this year: the matriarch Sophie Sosnicki is officially a senior and we celebrated her 65th with a big pig roast on a beautiful evening in August. A bevy of friends, neighbours, relatives all joined together to eat and drink and have a blast together to celebrate with Sophie.....My stepd