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Viva Italia Romas for sauce are in season!

It is now the season to do your freezing, canning, saucing of tomatoes!  We'll be bringing cases of our 'Viva Italia' Roma variety to all markets!  If you need more than a couple cases I suggest you order by email  These Viva's have thick walls and excellent flavour. I am going to roast and can a lot of tomatoes this season, but these stand alone in my sauce category.  There is nothing like the smell of this sauce in your home during cold winter days!  We do not have a 'perfect' tomato crop, as there is some blight out there and a lot of cracks and splitting due to weather stress , but it is certainly not a bust like the last few years.  I am hoping we will have enough for everyone. To our early bird customers that ordered weeks ago - Thank You for being patient!  We've had a very stressful time as our main Mexican worker suffered a medical emergency and is currently still hospitalized, so we are struggling to get back on track.  We

Celebrating our Organic Sweet Corn!

  It's that time of the year again!  Our sweet corn is available at markets for all to enjoy this week! At market, you will see my smiling face along with Benny's with a big sign stating: "Cert. Organic Sweet Corn, obviously NO GMO!!" I'll quickly discuss gmo at the end of this blog - I want to stay positive and happy for the duration! :) Cooking corn in it's husk after it's been soaked is my favourite way to eat my summer corn!  Try this method on your BBQ at home! Make sure to remove the dried silk and excess husk or it tends to catch fire. When nicely charred on both sides, serve.  Peel back the husk using as your holder as you baste it in good organic butter!  I will be totally honest in saying that our first variety is not as sweet as the variety coming in two weeks time. So if you want to freeze some corn this year, wait until our sweeter variety is ready. I will let everyone know and am spreading the word at market!   Our corn is an all yellow va