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The Almost July field report!

Well, it's still raining and staying soggy out there.  As much as we'd like to have all our fall crops planted - they are not.  Dries up enough to just get out there and then it dumps down again!  Then with the cool night temperatures our patty pan zucchini just stopped growing! So, now we have to wait for this patch to start kicking out again! And just when everyone starts to enjoy them too! Before much longer we'll have tons and everyone will be sick of them! But PEAS!  They are in full swing and our patch will be last for 2-3 weeks. We've got sweet, sweet 'worth the work' shelling garden type and the edible pod sugar snaps. Both are worth picking up and savoring this time of year! Just starting this first week in July are our heirloom tomatoes and fresh dug potatoes !  A new so so good! The smell of the soil is so awesome digging up the first tasty spuds of the year!  Me and my boy. He's the sweetest, happiest little farm b

June Field Report

Man oh man, did we get a lot of rain!  We did need it, so despite the fact that we couldn't finish planting for two weeks - we didn't have to irrigate! But the crops are really starting to fire up!  Lettuce and zucchini are going strong now.  We have copious amount of the 'Patty Pan' summer squash. And stay tuned for squash blossoms and recipes! The lettuces are once again awesome.  Huge crisp, sweet Romaines.  A new variety we love this year. The big frilly Red Leaf heads, the soft Butterheads in red only.  Everyone loves the red oak-stained Butterheads! Oodles of smaller Mini lettuces too.  Then we are going through and picking some baby Kale, Chard and the spinach too.... We've also planted a NEW big patch of strawberries! So 2016 will be another berry year around here for us! It's a bit of work, as you plant the new strawberries, then have to make sure they get lots of water and root down nice, then pull blossoms.....then straw...but so worth

Of The Land

So a documentary we participated in is going to be released in a few days on Food Matters TV! Very exciting!  Here's a link to information about the documentary called 'Of The Land' .  In the Vimeo trailer you can see some awesome sunset/sunrise pics of our farm and our horse running around and meet us briefly and our organic dairy neighbour, Karl.  It's going to be very informative look at GMO's, including our opinions and how we farm organically.  I encourage everyone to check it out!  It airs JULY 14th on

Taking orders for ORGANIC PICKLING CUCS!

Just like we do with Romas (and I will blog about those too in a couple weeks!) I'll be taking orders for bulk organic cucumbers this year. Ben and I try to do a good job with these fantastic cucs each year but they are so susceptible to mildew, the weather has to be hot and dry (like a tomato year) and we can offer them.  We've planted a lot...  So here's hoping for a great 2015 crop! TIME TO GET PICKLED!! If you are interested in a bulk order, shoot me an email to jb@sosnickiorganics.  I will put you on our mailing list and keep you updated regarding 1st harvest (will be early July if all goes well) and price as the season progresses. If you have an idea of how many lbs you need and what size of cucumber you want, I can send you a quote.   All orders can be picked up at Dufferin Grove farmers market on Thursday afternoons or at Evergreen Brickworks Market on Saturday mornings.   SEND ME YOUR FAVOURITE PICKLE RECIPE!! Email me your favourite recipe to jb@sosnickior