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Fall Harvest!

Harvest is going great this season.  Now, that's easy when you've got stellar help like we've got!  Our helpers are awesome! And this brings peace of mind when you happen to be chasin' kids around all day long! Ben and I came to the realization that the best babysitters in the world are mom and dad. period. So it's completely awesome when when you can rely on helpers to pull together the crops and help maintain the farm you've built up over the years.  A team you can completely trust! I will say it again - every farm business needs reliable workers. period. And we love our crew! Speaking of help, my buddy Tanya Fraser is another super helper, friend and an amazing holistic nutritionist!  I encourage all to visit her website and engage with her! She is SO happy and cheerful and awesome around my kids!  Even offered to babysit and dance and play now and then so I can hit the office or escape outside! What a gem.   It's her lifestyle and what she EATS