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The Beginning of the Summer of 2012!

Time for a quick crop update with a bunch of photos I took today. It is dry out there.  Very dry and irrigating has become essential for the future development of the crops.   Potatoes are doing well, but we noticed as soon as they began to get 'thirsty' the potato beetles started moving in fast and hard! Nature and her creatures always have this way of being able to tell when stress sets in.   Our lettuce is pretty much finished.  With the heat a lot of our hardy heads bolted.  There is nothing to do about that. Just the year. Our peas are also not that great - again the heat.  The kale is doing fab as shown in the above photo. Kale is a very easy crop to grow, and is so, so good for you!! The broccoli looks like it's melting in the summer heat! We'll have nice heads at market tomorrow, but I am sure glad we didn't go hog wild and plant a lot of it this year.  Broccoli is another crop that doesn't love the intense heat.  Now, what is absolu

Strawberry Season!!

(***Hey Smashy! Just a quick note to say 'hi' and that we're all thinking about you and really missing you! Laying in the yard, petting big Panzer eating Strawberries would sure be great to share with you! Lady Bug really likes Strawberries too, like tomatoes! She 'grumbles' with flared nostrils for them! Adventures yesterday as Dennis's damn cows were loose in our vegetable fields when we came home from market! Oooo, I was quite 'angry'... Bug was freaking out, doing that blowing smoke, pricked tail storming around at them. More of a guard horse!.... Dad mentions you almost every day and always smiles and says 'Austin'....Babca is just very sad now and doesn't understand. Please be well and come home to the farm soon!) So last year we spent a great deal of time planting and caring for this new strawberry patch! It's nice to see your hard work pay off with all the customers literally diving at the tables to snatch a few quarts of our fr

Enjoying a lot of Avocados lately..

Before I begin blogging about *Strawberries* I thought I'd sneak in a quick note about my obsession with avocados. I now frequent the website: World's Healthiest Foods and the write up about avocados is quite thorough. This is a healthy fat people! I'm so damn tired of all these fake 'fat free' plastic foods that are mainstream. Shopping in a regular grocery store makes me very angry. Ok, ok, no time to rant! I ate the most amazing Fish Tostadas at 'Cool Hand Of A Girl' cafe Saturday after market. Lucia, the owner has been buying our cabbage for ages at Dufferin Grove and it was time to sample her creations! Ben and I along with my market helper Toshimi and her husband Sam had an excellent meal! The tostadas were soo crispy! A base of yummy black beans, bed of Haddock fish, topped with the most amazing avocado topping! A side of coleslaw containing our beets and cabbage with a hint of curry, apple cider vinegar - fresh and delicious! Lucia came and sat with