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Extending the growing season

As the days get shorter and weather cooler, we all seem to sleep better and our appetites increase! The markets are bustling this time of year as the fall crops hit the stands. Ben and I went for a long field tour to check the crops and are happy with what we see. There are some losses, as with the dry summer it was hard to keep everything alive and well. Success stories: our Broccoli is amazing! We planned this last year - have fall broccoli! The worms are also not insanely bad. Still some, but cooler temps I will thank for the lack of an infestation. Spinach and Tatsoi are impressive. Leeks are decent - planted less this year. Brussel Sprouts got topped a bit late, so they are throwing smaller sprouts but to put a positive spin on it - they look like 'christmas trees' and customers and kids dig it! Cabbage will prove to be our winter staple, and time permitting, we've got a lot of beets out there to eventually top and bin up. Celeriac is not as plentiful as last year, but