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The Good, The Bad & the Fun in August at Sosnickis'!!

What an August!  The bad news is sucky field tomatoes once again.  The late blight is back with a vengeance.  This means we will not be able to offer the Romas for sauce in bulk for the duration we know people expect.  We are accepting bulk orders now and for the next two weeks but that will be it.  This is very disappointing and another financial loss. We were truly hoping that after two years we would have some luck with organic field tomatoes.....nope.  The 'covered field' tomatoes are okay however, meaning we will have the heirlooms to offer well into the fall season! Our Sweet Corn is doing wonderful!  We are happy to be educating folks on the reality of growing organic sweet corn and the price we need to get in order to make it worthwhile to grow.  The concept of cheap sweet corn is very, very wrong.  Corn is a heavy feeder and pulls a ton of nutrients from the soil.  As organic farmers being able to offer this crop means we have to be very careful with the land aft

Our Farm in Macleans Magazine!

It feels really nice when you get to read about what you do in a publication like Macleans! Please read the entire story at: Sosnicki's in Macleans!   It has become essential for us to continue to look at various ways to create value added products using our own produce to increase the viability of this farm business. We are a long way off from a successful processing business, however have it in the 'big picture' as soon as finances allow!  It seems very natural to me to 'preserve the seasons' as something I grew up with both my mother and grandmother doing.  I wouldn't feel comfortable relying on just grocery stores to feed me all winter. To have a bare fruit cellar and empty freezer come fall frost seems scary to me.  It's a very gratifying, awesome tasting, affordable way to sustainably live.  It does not take a million years in the kitchen to squirrel stuff away and also not hard to learn.  Small children can easily get fascinated by the whole process