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Spring Lettuce and Asparagus Salad w/ Spicy Avocado Dressing

Our lettuce harvest is just around the corner now so I'm beginning to whip up creations already! I just cut some small field fresh Romaine, Green and Red Leaf Lettuces and salad is on the menu for supper! I'm going to use a lot of avocados this year in my dressings as it is an amazingly healthy fat! It's creamy texture replaces the need for crappy mayo's and other plasticky fake dressings. First steam or boil fresh about a pound of local organic Asparagus. Don't overdo it! Al dente! DRESSING: -2 Avocados -Juice from one Lime -Handful of Cilantro -3 Tbs Olive Oil -1 Tbs Raw Blue Agave or Maple Syrup -Cayenne or Hot Chili powder, I use a good Tbs! Wimps use a dash! ;) -Unrefined Sea Salt and Pepper to taste. Process all ingredients in until creamy and smooth. There is a lot of dressing here! Use as much as desired and save the rest for tomorrow! Much like a dip! Tear or cut your lettuce and make sure the leaves are dry so the dressing coats well. Chop aspara

Spring-ing a head!

A quick update with a bunch of photos to let everyone know how the crops are doing. Since the sand storm everything as been pretty 'normal'. Weather wise it's been fairly decent. Greenhouses are doing fabulous. In greenhouse no. 1 We are busily harvesting radish and very soon red and golden chard and beets! We have some rows of pole beans as well, which have germinated. Ben and I are curiously waiting to see how they climb the bailer twine we'll be stringing for them. The battered lettuce out in the field has taken root and is growing nicely now! Back on track! Time for something social! Tomorrow we celebrate Mother's Day in the middle greenhouse with savory crepes made from our awesome eggs, filled with buttery onions, mushrooms & cheese with some awesome Berkshire bacon (we brined ourselves with salt and brown sugar!). My mom and dad, Ben's mom, my grandma, aunt & cousins and my brother and sisters are going to enjoy tomorrows feast!! Have a wonderful