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The beginning of inspirational winter eating....

I am absolutely inspired most days by my surroundings and what I can create with what we produce on the farm. Currently we do not sell our farm`s fresh eggs at market, but yet another project to look into. Making the time to basket my eggs and head to a grading station never seems to make it into my schedule!  I can have bragging rights though, as the following pictures are of my roosters, hens, my eggs and the most yellow yolks (just call them orange! ) because of their healthy diet!     It was chaos around the farm this morning as I went into the barn before dawn to catch the new, free range birds to clip wings and put in the outside pen with the others.  Snow is coming, it`s better for them to get used to the coop area. Also, I seem to have a 5 month old German Shepherd with a taste for chicken! Fresh, organic, free range eggs in your diet is such a good thing! Your own meat birds are good too! And I can`t wait to sample the first of our own rabbit meat.  I never seem to get sick

Prepared Food Time!

Whew!  What a ride this year and it’s not letting up!  I know, I know everyone waits for a long time for the years first batch of perogies and one day I hope to keep them going year round.  It’s just impossible at this time due to time constraints with growing a ton of seasonal fresh veg! When we can afford to employ more field labour and grading/market staff I will be able to look into prepared foods year round.  Believe me, I’m working on it!  Don’t I say this every year? This week was the introduction of our Organic Sauerkraut.   Made from our own certified organic cabbage and certified organic onions and course salt,  it is the real deal.  We make huge batches and they are left to ferment in the hall kitchen for just shy of two weeks.  The kitchen is kept warm to aid in the fermentation process.  During this time each morning and evening it is essential to ‘check in’ with the kraut and clean off any foam and check brine levels.  I still have not mastered the ‘taste’ technique an

Fall at Sosnicki's farm....

(PPSSSSSSSTTT: For a 68 picture tour of our farm during fall time, head to our public page on Facebook: SOSNICKI ORGANIC PRODUCE  ; ) Okay, so we've had a beautiful fall.  We are still playing catch up for last year's tomato disaster, but all in all, much better.  We are getting very good at holding our own.  I think it has to do with something called pride.   We've recently witnessed the horrible downfall of a neighboring farm and it made my heart sink.  To think, that could be us.  It is not easy making a living farming just 60 workable.  It seems expenses and even wages keep heading skyward, but no one seems to want to pay more for veg.  Ben and I will not pirate our produce either, meaning we know it's top notch quality, but will never charge $5 for a bunch of carrots.  So a lot of other ideas are in the works to amplify earnings here at the farm.  Changes implemented will take a 10 year plan to take effect and grow this farm into something spectacular!   There is