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The crop is decent this year! We are able to sell in larger, bulk amounts so visit us at market if you want to make pickles!  Cucumbers are tough to grow organically, but we've got lucky this year and no (knock on wood) powdery mildew issues so far! The crop is just kicking out cucs!! Tis the season to pickle cucumbers and make relish!! Really missing Ben's mom's fresh brined pickles and her cucumber salad :(   We are harvesting Broccoli this week, lots of Sweet Onions, Kale and lots more! First and second weeks in August we'll start with the Sweet Corn and Roma's. All is very busy on the farm :) I got a text from Ben this morning that said: "Kraut Avocado hot sauce coffee". Lol. This is Ben asking for his breakfast on the fly. He is working so hard and after 4 hours of sleep last night was almost home to the farm by 9am after doing another early morning veg delivery to Toronto. Ben wears himself down this time of year with long hours and less sleep, so hi

Beautiful July on the farm!

I just love summer.  And all the work that goes along with it!  All the spring planning shows itself in the fields full of fresh veg!  And it's a time to play catch up and start paying all the bills that pile up during the slow off-season. We basically have half a year to pay for an entire year!  So it's go go go!  We took one day off and went to the beach thou.  Was beautiful and worth every second of relaxing!! We have been irrigating in the evenings.  It went from too much rain to nothing in a short period of time. We have seeded fall beets and carrots now too, so we keep them moist to aid germination. Our kale is doing well.  We grew this beautiful patch of darkibor curly and also have another patch of the Nero Di Toscana, the dino/black kale as well.  Alot of weeding, cultivating and weeding some more to get it to look this good!   Sweet Onions galore!  This patch took a hell of a lot of work.  First of all they were very late being planted because of th

#MarketBaby Sadie!

It's awesome to have this little dolly out at the markets! Everyone adores her! A buddy on Twitter came up with the hashtag #marketbaby for her that we use when getting ready for the epic Saturday markets at The Brickworks down in the Don Valley... Ahh Sadie...what a time to be born!  So much to look forward too! You will be around the best people learning the best stuff ever! I promise to respect my little Sadie Bug and you will grow to understand that you have the most amazing dad ever! Organic life a head! And there is absolutely NO time for GMO's: Genetically Modified Organisms or the human kind of GMO's: Greedy, Manipulative & Offensive!! Full speed a head....