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Growing Taste Buds!

Yesterday I had a riot at Evergreen Brickworks teaching 'Growing Taste Buds' with Kate Leinweber . (check this nutritionista gal out!) The kids were fantastic and a lot of learning and fun was had! To learn more about this program go here: Growing Taste Buds! At Evergreen Brickworks! They got their hands dirty right away planting some heirloom tomatoes! After tomatoes we started to cook! In season at Sosnicki's is the Ostergruss radishes, so chopping and pan frying was one station's job, making 'cabbage plates' was another task, sautéing the radish greens, pan frying sweet corn and making a bechamel cheese sauce rounded out all the jobs the kids took part in! We chatted about the ingredients as we cooked then everyone got to eat! It was a great class and I will definitely teach and assist with more in the future! Great bunch of kids! A truly great facility and great program!

The Ostergruss are back!

The big pink 'carrots' have hit the market scene again! Absolutely not carrots - there is no way I could grow them this fast, but Radishes are another thing all together!! The Ostergruss are actually a fall German radish but they do so well in our covered fields they have become a spring and fall crop on this farm! Mild, spicy flavour that add the colour and zing to a field spinach salad this time of year for sure! Or a side dish by pan frying the roots until tender in olive oil, butter & sea salt and at the end of cooking toss in the radish greens that will render in no time! Enjoy the Great Ostergruss again!

Thems the breaks...

Ok, so from one extreme to the other. Welcome to farming. Apparently we may get some snow this coming week. Not surprised and we'll roll with it just fine. I've been pinterest-ing beauty pics of lettuces, chickens, planting. All was well...or was it? Nope. Last week we had wind. Major wind that for a few hours in the afternoon created a sand-blast effect that seriously halted my day. We have a little sandy knoll in field 101 that I often call 'the beach'. Sweet potatoes grow well there, carrots like it too. That blasted wind was clipping in the right direction picking up that sand and firing it directly, and I mean directly, at everything we planted. The result was devastating. I actually went out on the quad during the storm, got a face full of sand feeling it whip with such force. It literally shredded the lettuce. The baby kale was laying over shredded too. Nevermind broccoli, collards, cauliflower plants all beaten into submission by frickin' sand. After she sto