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I smell tomatoes!!!

We grow especially early tomatoes, as we need them to be especially large to transplant into our large glass greenhouse come April for June sales. It is such an amazing thing to gently roll your hand overtop them and smell 'tomatoes' when they are such young seedlings!!  I'm transported back to the field!! This is still a new thing for us, so it will be  'fingers crossed' that we do everything right to offer this type of thing so early with flavour integrity intact. I really have a need to bring back the old flavour of tomatoes.  The flavour the ladies talk about while making perogies.  The flavour of tomatoes before 'chemical, shelf life generic red tomatoes' took over a long time ago and ruined what this amazing fruit/veg truly I S!!  When you sliced a tomato and could smell a TOMATO!  Most kids now a days have no clue what this means and that is sad.  Stay tuned as I will have LOTS to talk about regarding tomatoes in the near future......

Available this FEBRUARY from Sosnicki Organics!

We are happy to be able to offer an abundance of our own produce this winter!  There is still lots of room for improvement and many years a head to do this!  We would really like to offer as many certified organic , local  and our own further into the spring months as well! Many new things coming in the next few years! For now available at Toronto markets:  Winter Cabbage -small, tight heavy heads suitable for cooking with, making sauerkraut or fresh slaws. Excellent peppery flavour! Celeriac - celery root is excellent shredded with cabbage and apples for an amazing coleslaw, dice and boil with potatoes for 'celery flavoured' mashed potatoes, make a creamy soup & excellent with roast chicken!! Potatoes - we have Superior whites, Yukon Golds and Cheiftan Reds in all sizes!!   Onions - cooking onions left! Not a great onion year and we are tossing close to half the crop out while grading.  Too wet last summer and a lot of rotten in the centre... Carrots   - some reall