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Lights Out for Earth Hour...

Turning lights out for just one hour a year seems trivial to me. It should be 'monthly' or even a 'weekly' event nevermind. This certainly would promote FAMILY TIME , as no interuptions from TV's, computers etc.. but parents would have to strong hold the Ipods to create the full effect. Our farm always has 'power issues'. It's funny, as it seemed to always happen during a weekend my stepdaughter was on farm. She whines like she is dying or calls herself a 'mennonite' when it happens!! LOLOLOL! Nice try. That's when you can create some fun memories. Lots of candles, trying to cooks eggs & bacon via a 'fondue pot' (LOLOLOL!!) Reading stories from the book: "Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul". Reading those stories outloud in our family home rich with history and our own horse outside brings on some massive tears - THEN laughter, as our horse is not dead yet or even close!!!! Pure bliss silence, until you hear

March flew.....

This month just flew for us! The weekends are beginning to 'blur' along with the week -that's when you know a new season on the farm has begun! Woke up this morning to a picture-worthy scene: winter wonderland...blaaaa. Burn furnance oil, burn! I've been a sickly farm hand humming about the couch for the last two days with a massive 'cold'. I pride myself in "never getting sick" and I practice 'prevention' with how I eat and take care of myself in the first place. I blame my mother-in-law, aka 'Babca' or 'Sophie'. She had it first over Easter. I have to make time to enter a blog about just her, as she is a really good woman that needs some attention. Ok, back to whinning about being sick: Entering and Exiting the warm greenhouse environment never assists with these ailments either I may say! For me, it's how you 'deal with it' that will help you in the long run. For us around here is lots of my mother's 'hore

Green Greenhouses.....

Finally spring! Not much to blog the past few weeks. Was Alaska with a nice snow dump a while back. It is slowly melting, and I don't mind too much the freezing temps, all I want is SUN! You can burn tons of oil in the greenhouses, but nothing will thrive without the burn power of the sun! We have alot seeded now. All tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, leeks, onions, lettuces, asian greens, broccoli, cauliflower are seeded and have germinated. My vast heirloom tomato seedlings are my 'little soldiers' and will be transplanted soon. I will have 80 different varieties of the heirloom tomatoes at market this summer! Happy Easter! We are cleaning the first greenhouse, making Ukrainian Easter Eggs, BBQing and eatting well with family this weekend!