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It's still summer....

Peppers, peppers, peppers!  Big sweet red bells, red shepherds, sweet yellows, large orange bells, green bells, sweet chocolate peppers, pimentos, jalapenos, hot banana....ahhhh, then canning, grilling, roasting, pan frying....I love peppers!!! Was able to spend a great day with my mom canning a beautiful array of sweet peppers....  I have sooo many farm stories and crops to talk about!  We have sweet potatoes (oh a blog for another day!!) I've been busy at the hall preserving the seasons in between it all as well....  Sweet Corn, in the freezer.  Peppers, in the freezer.  (Frozen peppers will be used later on within our vegetarian cabbage rolls.) The sweet corn was lovingly preserved this year at the hall where I make my perogies with the help of my awesome crew of women. We've managed to put a fair amount away so that I may sell some frozen goodness this winter and also heat and serve warm at various winter markets as a nice 'taste of summer' when the snow is fly

GOOD LUCK with your last year of High School Smashy!!!!

A quick lunch time blog dedicated to our daughter who starts the first day of her last year in High School tomorrow! We all cannot believe how fast you grew up! We all wish you all the best and know that you will be successful in what ever path you choose!  You are a really great person Smash and although we don't get to visit as much as we'd all like, we all want you to know that we are here for you - ALWAYS.  The farm and farm family has not changed - it will remain the same until your next visit! (Just probably more new animals!!!) Had to post this pic for you of our newest addition - PANZER.  He's going to be HUGE!  You'll love him! He's smart and is easy to train.  Anytime you want a huge home cooked meal, head over! Harvest this year is pretty good, better than last year but not without challenges of course.  Each time we are heading to market and are by passing Brantford your dad looks in your general direction and says:  "Hello Austin!"  Babca i