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Starting the year off right........

We are proud to point out that we remain a Certified Organic produce farm. We have updated Certificates of Conformity for Canadian Organic Products Regulation, USDA National Organic Program and European Organic Regulations. The outside-of-Canada certificates come in handy if we need to export grains. We will have the Canadian certificate PLUS the Organic Production Summary available at each market for peace of mind. The production summary lays out all acreage and also lists all products certified, rather than just the 'general' listed on the certificate itself.  We certify each year for these 5 reasons: We feel we have an obligation to our consumers buying 'organic'.   It is cost effective, basically an expense that is 1/3 the cost of year round vendor fees at ONE market.  The certification process has very fair and basic rules and regulations regarding vegetable and greenhouse production.  Paperwork that takes maybe 5 minutes a day to complete and is essential to