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June 1st Field Update!

Getting some blogging done before I have baby #3 and things go quiet on my end for a bit ;) The kids and I went out in the field on the quad last evening and took some pictures of the crops to post an update on our veggies!! Field 101: Clockwise: Black and Green Kale, Lettuce, Sweet Onions, Summer Cabbages. Our front field 101 is split in two sections.  We've planted early items such as peas, kale, lettuces, cabbage and sweet onions. These are bare ground transplants, (except for the peas that were direct seeded) and are thriving nicely.  Green kale is already being plucked and lettuces start coming off this week.  Yes, the fields are clean.  Ben has one word for that: wages. We have booked/logged many many hours of cultivating, hand weeding and hoeing and investing in paying wages to have such clean fields.  Our men have the time right now - we are only harvesting a small amount from the greenhouses, therefore the majority of all days can be spent on maintenance of these g