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Buying organic and local is far from over!

We've got a decent amount of storage crops this year to keep us pretty busy. Please don't forget about visiting the markets this winter! We need your support! Our farm will be at Dufferin Grove Thursdays and Evergreen's Brickworks on Saturday mornings. We grew our sweet carrots again this fall and have enough stored for Christmas sales. Same with Beets.  Celeriac (root celery) is also in abundance! Stored with roots and field soil, it takes a bit to clean these guys. Eat mashed, roasted, in a slaw or a creamy soup :) Bins and bins of cabbages! Our own winter staple should be available at markets until April 2014.  Also available are Potatoes, Onions (sweets, reds & cooking), Garlic AND we'll be field harvesting infamous KALE for as long as we can! Will be picking it out of the snow!! Bundle up and come enjoy real food!