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It's time to order your Certified Organic Roma Tomatoes!

Because of this hot, dry weather our Organic   'Viva Italia' Roma tomato crop has no disease! We have been able to irrigate when needed during the cool evenings, that combined with these hot, Mexico-like days on this dusty, dry farm the tomatoes have flourished! It is definitely what I like to call a 'tomato year'!  We have enough this year that we can sell wholesale for all your Sauce Making Needs!! All wholesale cases are 25lbs for $25. (25lbs is a half bushel amount). These tomatoes are the thickest, meatiest, tastiest, organic sauce tomato around!  It's simple. All you have to do is email me your order. (You can also head to our website at and use our contact form to place your order.) Let me know how many cases you need, which market you want to pick up at and a phone number to either call and text you at as a reminder.    Feel free to visit me at market where I make the time to talk to all my customers and can share recipes and ca

The dry dog days of summer

It's dry. Very dry. The last few nights Ben's been up until after 3am irrigating. He's completely hardcore this guy as even during the intense heat of the day when all the animals are passed out in the shade, everyone else is in the barn, Ben is hauling ass out in the field cultivating under that hot July sun. He just doesn't stop. A very hardworking dedicated farmer. I am pretty glad we've got so many appreciative customers because Ben deserves it. Ben's one of those guys that can take a beating and just keeps on going. Never complains or whines and even on the worse days has the biggest smile you've ever seen! He's a good man and deserves nothing but the best. As we trudge on through the next few years paying down the debt, I am hopeful Ben can learn what a holiday is all about. It's funny, as we always say we'll take a break in February but it never happens! We have many obligations at this point in our lives and working the farm to honor th

All Markets tomorrow ;)

We've got fresh Basil coming!! More Heirloom Tomatoes for EBW (and a few Peas and Broccoli) Garlic, Sweet Onions, Beets, Swiss Chard, fresh cut Cabbages, New Potatoes too! Oh, and tons of Kale! Green Beans start next week! Besides being SO DRY, I am enjoying harvest this year! See you at market! ;)

July field treasures...

We planted strawberries today, washed out cabbage bins, topped the basil (remove the top so the plants gets 'bushier') and cultivated and hoed some more! Layed pipes and are getting ready to irrigate again. I went for a wander around the fields today to scout the crops and was excited to say the least! Found a ripe oxheart tomato out there, Roma's are absolutely gorgeous too! I think it may be a 'tomato year'!!! Cucumbers are vining out nicely and I actually found a few for supper!! Peppers are sucking in the heat and I found the first jalapeƱo and hot banana peppers out there! Green Beans are blossoming, watermelons are vining, eggplants are growing like crazy!! They endured a lot of pest damage as they always do, but we used some Entrust and got rid of the pests so the plants could continue to thrive! Usually something negative catches my eye out there, like I spot a possible infestation, the onset of some disease, weed pressure that makes me wince- but you know w