Time to order Sauce Tomatoes AND bulk SUN SUGAR CHERRY tomatoes!!!

It's officially a tomato year!  Tomato patch of romas, beefsteak and cherry field tomatoes are booming!  Very plentiful.  This will help to make up for the craptastic year we had last year with nothing but blight riddled tomatoes.  So, get your fill!  An exciting addition to the bulk offerings this year *for the first time* is our sun sugar cherry tomatoes!  For $5 we are selling 1.5lbs. So for $20 you can score 6lbs of these gorgeous gems to ROAST and freeze!  (or make sauce!).
**Roma cases $30 for 25lbs.  (this is a half bushel case. A full bushel amount is 50lbs).** 
**Add to that as many 1.5lb clams (pictured here) of the sun sugar cherry tomatoes for $5 each!**

To order:

1. Send me an email to: jb@sosnickiorganics.com.  Let me know how many cases of roma and sun sugar you so desire.  

2. Within that email include the farmer's market you wish to pick up at STARTING NEXT WEEK, AUGUST 22nd. (Wednesday - Waterford Farmers Market 4-7pm, Waterford Ontario; Thursday - Dufferin Grove Market 2:30-7pm, Toronto Ontario; Saturday - Evergreen Brickworks Farmers Market 8am-1pm, Toronto, Ontario.  Easily googled for directions.)

3. Include your full name and phone number in case I need to contact you regarding your order. 

4. PLEASE understand I have 4 small kids so I don't have time to answer questions this year about how many tomatoes will fit your recipes, jars etc.  I promise when they are older and I have more time I will cater more to my awesome customers. 

5. The season looks to be a long, plentiful one going well into september.  I will accept orders as long as the crop looks promising.  First come first serve. STARTING NEXT WEEK. 

THANK YOU and happy saucing! 

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