Make tomato sauce!!

I used my last Sunday to can tomatoes! I have limited time, and I LOVE to preserve, so my only day off is spent doing just that! (Today is pepper jelly - recipe later..) Depending on how much you are doing and how fusy you are, there are many ways and many recipes. THIS is easy and fast. For just juice, I have the old squasher that removes seeds and skin, but this way you are left with more 'pulp'. I wash and scrub jars. I buy new seals each year. (I don't have time for risking spoilage) I wash up batches of our romas, simply cut the stem end out, chop in half, toss into my 'cuisinart chopper' and puree. If you want to leave a lump here or there, sure. I usually puree until very smooth. Each batch is dumped into a large cooking pot. Once the pot is 3/4 full, I put on med/high to boil and cook down. (I don't start on high, as IF you have a thin bottom pot, you may burn it). The kitchen soon smells wonderful and reminds me of growing up around my mother who preserved everything! You simply cook it down until all the foam on top has simmered away. Meanwhile, your washed jars should be nice and toasty in a 200 degree oven. Using rubber gloves, get out a hot jar, a fill with simmering tomato heaven. Use paper towel and rub the rim of the jar to remove any tomato juice. Place seal and lid on and close tightly. Fill 'em all up and once you are done, unless you are amazing, you will be left with a half jar or 3/4 jar! Make soup for supper! Render some onions down in butter, add the tomatoes, some chicken stock and some milk and enjoy!

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