*Covid-19* and our farm.

Like everyone else right now we are experiencing a range of emotions. Worry and fear of the unknown is weighing heavily. Our migrant workers were set to come April 3rd and thats not happening. The Farmers Markets are closed without an idea of when public gatherings will be less risky and they will once again be allowed. Trying to produce good organic local food which should be a #1 essential service just got a lot more difficult. 
BUT what do we do when the going gets tough? We tough Sosnicki's get going! At this point we usually have very little in the way of storage crops and we usually stop going to markets anyhow to concentrate on growing our new seasons veggie plants. We are definitely full speed a head in the greenhouses! The farm is a slow grinding wheel that doesn't just stop! We carry on :)
Folks have been buying direct from the farm, a new health store (Easy Health Food - Bloor/Lansdowne) even came down to load her car full of veggies! While we practice social distancing it's still nice to see a few familiar faces on farm! 
In the coming weeks we will be engaging more and getting organized with a email list to keep customers in the loop regarding where they can buy! You don't want to miss out on our organic Strawberries this year do you? (I'm learning about subscription widgets - you can try the one out I have currently on this blog!) Stay tuned as this farm may indeed have half a dozen job opportunities as well! It will be very hard if my experienced Mexican guys aren't permitted to work here and I know they will be devastated. We are hoping at very worst - they will be delayed! Hit subscribe and stay in the farm loop!

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